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An allergy can be a runny nose but it can also cause serious reactions leading to severe difficulty in breathing.  Understanding how your body reacts to the environment is key to your health and quality of life.

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Asthma takes many forms - struggling to exercise, wheezing at night, a persistent cough, an inability to shake off a cold  or a life threatening attack. Getting diagnosed correctly and receiving the right treatment could be life changing.

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Air Pollution

All around the world we are breathing in toxic air that is slowly harming our lungs.  It can start before we are born and carry on through childhood into adulthood. Where you live and what you do can make all the difference.

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Breathing should be the most natural thing in the world but sometimes it can seem a struggle and it’s important to work out why.

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Coughing up phlegm everyday can seem normal but it may reflect a problem in the lungs that will probably get worse if left untreated.   Having Bronchiectasis can mean recurrent infections and even pneumonia.

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A cold that turns into a nasty cough may signal the start of a bout of bronchitis. It can lead to a miserable winter unless it is diagnosed and treated promptly.

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Chest Pain

A stabbing pain or a heavy weight on the chest can signal trouble.  It may be momentary or last for days but it needs to be checked out and investigated.

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COPD is a leading cause of death worldwide but it’s not just a smokers’ disease.  Long term Asthma or exposure to environmental particles can also be responsible. A persistent cough or winter bronchitis could be the only symptom.

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Reflux & The Lung

Coughing, lung scarring, wheezing, sore throats and voice problems can all be related to liquid and vapours rising out of the stomach into the back of the throat.

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Persistent Cough

A cough affects us all at some time but when it disrupts your daily life or a good night’s sleep, it needs sorting. Often the cause is not simple and may need a detailed assessment to tackle it.

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Chest Infections and Pneumonia

A chest infection can last a few days but it can turn into Pneumonia with devastating consequences.  Getting a fast diagnosis and starting treatment can make all the difference.

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Whooping Cough

Whooping cough was on the way out but it’s rearing its ugly head again with coughing symptoms that literally take your breath away.

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