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Long Covid

If you think you may be suffering from Long Covid it is important to seek the expertise of a clinician who can advise you on the best course of action for diagnosis. 

Dr John Chinegwundoh is one of the leading specialists in the fight against COVID-19. His expertise in respiratory health and his senior position in a number of London's top Hospitals has allowed him to become one of the most prominent voices in treating patients with coronavirus and the ongoing investigation and development to tackle the illness.

What is Long Covid?

Long Covid is an umbrella term for a range of symptoms that a patient continues to experience many weeks after a Covid-19 infection, long after the period of illness for a typical viral infection.

What are the common symptoms of Long Covid?


Tight or Heavy Chest

Chest pain or discomfort

Nasal congestion

Persistent loss of taste or smell


Brain fog

Muscle aches

Sleep disturbance

How is Long Covid diagnosed?

There is no single test to make the diagnosis.  A Clinician with the relevant expertise needs to explore the clinical history, examine the patient and order key tests.  The main goal is to exclude other diagnoses and identify treatable aspects of Long Covid.

Can Long Covid be treated?

Yes, the condition can be treated depending on the type of symptoms and the results of the investigations.  Therapy may be targeted at inflammation in the tubes of the lung or the lining around the heart.  A structured physical rehab program may be the best way to recover.  Breathing patterns can be disrupted by Covid and realigning the natural rhythms can make a big difference.  It’s also really important to address any sleep disturbance and mental health problems.

My Experience

I have seen hundreds of cases of Long Covid throughout the pandemic.  Each case is unique and needs a personalised approach. However, there are common patterns which help me move quickly to the best treatment approach by asking the right questions and organising the key tests.   A holistic management plan always works best, and the key is making sure each patient understands their own Long Covid pattern of illness.  The vast majority of patients do improve with a combination of targeted therapies but it can take months, even years.



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